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Waiteco Machine, Inc.

Welcome to Waiteco Machine, Inc.

About Us

Waiteco Machine, Inc. is a full-service manufacturer, assembler of  precision machined components. Featuring state-of-the-art CNC machining  Technology, stringent quality standards and unparalleled customer  service, Waiteco Machine, Inc. is your best resource for precision  machined components and assemblies.

Waiteco Machine, Inc. employs  the very latest in machining technology to ensure the finest fit and  finish for your components. We manufacture to exact tolerances and  deliver consistency throughout the entire production run. 

Waiteco Machine, Inc

 Waiteco Machine, Inc. employs the very latest in machining technology to  ensure the finest fit and finish for your components. We manufacture to  exact tolerances and deliver consistency throughout the entire  production run. 

We Stand Behind Our Work

 Waiteco Machine, Inc. was founded in 1981 by William Waite and serves a  variety of industries including medical, semiconductor, wireless  microwave, aerospace, defense, marine, automotive, solar and energy.   Our management team is dedicated to continuous improvement and satisfied  customers. 

Waiteco Machine, Inc.'s facility includes:

CAD/CAM Services

Our programming department accepts electronic DXF, CDL, DWG and IGS  drawings and imports them directly into our manufacturing system. Using  advanced solid modeling technology, our CAD/CAM experts verify all  manufacturing programs before they move into production. 

Prototype Shop

Our Prototype experts can assist you with the production of the simplest  to the most challenging components, all built by seasoned professionals  to meet your highest standards 

State-of-the-Art Machining Equipment

Waiteco Machine, Inc's production floor is fully equipped with the  industry's most advanced CNC machining centers. Our Nakamura Turning  Centers and Matsuura Milling Centers maintain the tight tolerances and  high repeatability required to produce consistent precision quality  products.  


Our inspection department uses incoming, first-piece, in-process and  final inspection procedures on all production runs to ensure the  consistent production of high quality components. 

Production Support

Waiteco Machine, Inc. will work closely with you to support your  production schedules. We have experience working with numerous Just In  Time tools, such as Kan Ban, Demand Pull and Consignment Stocking  programs, for production of machined components and assembled products. 

Sub-Component and Finished Product Assembly

Waiteco Machine, Inc. assembles finished products using internally  machined components as well as purchased components. Finished products  can be drop shipped to meet your delivery requirements 

A Proactive Approach to Customer Service

Working with Waiteco Machine, Inc. means you'll have one less thing to  worry about. Our approach to serving you as a customer is  straight-forward and proactive. We feel it is our responsibility to keep  you informed every step of the way. Close communication allows us to  respond quicker and provide you with a great service and high quality  products.